Turkey: Walking and Sailing

Walking and Sailing the Turkish Coast 

The southwest Turkish Coast of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas is a land of myth, history and legendary hospitality, with a centuries-old tradition of boat travel.  The words of Homer and the Greek myths come to life as we stand on the deck of our traditional wooden yacht and imagine the life of seafarers past.

On this romantic voyage of history and hedonism, we travel aboard an elegant gulet (a locally-built yacht) with double bed cabins and private bathrooms.  On board and ashore we feast on Epicurean delights. On crystal blue seas beneath towering mountains descending sharply into the waters, we visit quaint Turkish villages, hidden rock coves, wooded inlets and magnificent ruins of the Roman, Greek, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.

We anchor in remote, sheltered bays embraced by the sun, hiking along quiet paths to small villages, and exploring regions where tourists are unknown. There is plenty of time to swim, snorkel and windsurf in warm, clear waters.  Some nights we dock or moor in small port towns, strolling the waterfront and savoring local color in neighborhood cafes. Turkish cuisine is some of the finest in the world. Traditional Turkish feasts are prepared for us, on and off-board, from the freshest vegetables, fruit, milks and cheeses, lamb, and fish fresh from the docks.

From the harbors of antiquity we sail to tranquil villages decorated with mosques and minarets, and meet friendly residents. Our walks into the interior take us to isolated villages and scenic wonders.  Private guided excursions in ancient ruins teach us about the history, customs and daily lives of the people who once lived here. We join those who now inhabit this beautiful country to enjoy Turkey’s unparalleled mix of culture and history.


Days/Nights:   14D/13N (one week programs available).

Meeting Location: Istanbul

Ending Location: Antalya

Comfort Notes: 3 star hotels and deluxe private yacht.

Cappadocia Extension offered: (4 D/3 N)

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