Croatia: Dalmation Coast September

Our boat

I was so looking forward to September in Croatia...the weather was sure to be ideal for both hiking and swimming; summer tourists long gone; harvest season in full swing!

On this trip I was inspecting a new boat, the Romanca, a beautiful traditional Croatia sailing boat for 16 passengers.  You can spot the boat in any harbor and all eyes are upon it, definitely a beauty.

The weather turned unusually foul just before I arrived from Portugal on September 21st. In actuality it wasn't that bad, most of the days were cool and partially cloudy. The water was still warm enough however the air temperature kept us from enjoying the wonderful swimming and snorkeling which was such a big part of our June/july trip.

Food...where shall I begin? The Romanca's captain Valdo is also the owner of the boat and he is passionate about food.  He has trained his chef well. Having a big grill on deck ensures most meals include freshly grilled local meats (lamb, veal, beef), seafood (squid, fish, shrimp) and grilled rather than typically boiled Croatia vegetables.  See the photos to do this justice.

This itinerary ran from Dubrovnik to Split and included Mjet and a couple of islands we had not include this summer. Vis grape harvest had begun and we walked through the vineyards tasting the fresh grapes and sweet raisins. Fresh figs were in the markets and the olives were almost ripe. Walking through the local trails was a very different experience than during the summer.

The trip ended in Spilt and rather than staying there again I went on to explore Trogir, only 25 minutes from Split, closer to the Split Airport (5 min) and a wonderful UNESCO walled village on the coast.  I much prefer staying there than in Split.

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